Signature Collection

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Featuring only the very best ingredients, the Signature Collection has been carefully blended from a range of hand-picked notes to provide a unique artisanal fragrances inspired by the old-world romanticism of exotic destinations.


Blended in the traditional Fougere (pronounced ‘fooj-air’) style, Nazareth is an intriguing combination of notes that delivers a complex and mystifying fragrance.

Base: Sweet Vanilla, Fresh Patchouli
Middle: Jasmine, Cedarwood, Frankincense
Top: Coconut, Lavender


Composed in the traditional Oriental style, Petra is an alluring encapsulating blend reminiscent of the romantic lost city of Petra, Jordan.

Base: Sweet Vanilla, Fresh Patchouli
Middle: Tobacco Flower, Tonka Bean, Red Apple, Dark Chocolate
Top: Black Pepper, Sweet Fig