About Us

Born out of a desire to share the beauty and magnificence of destinations from around the globe in more than just a photograph, Journey Fragrances have sought to capture the very best in inspirational fragrances that evoke a connection and meaning to their source origin, long after having departed it.

Since 2004, Journey Fragrances founder, Brett Morcomb has been travelling the globe, searching out the beautiful, the unique and the memorable. Today, Brett and Journey Fragrances are proud to deliver you a range of Signature and Destination fragrances that truly honor our original goal.

Journey Fragrances luxury soy wax candles deliver exquisite quality and stunning fragrance. Handmade in Australia with precision and care, our candles are created with all natural soy wax and are scented with only the finest fragrant oils and raw ingredients.

Every Journey Fragrances candle is carefully composed from a range of hand-picked notes to provide a balanced, artisanal fragrance inspired by the furthest corners of the earth.

Explore our Signature and Destination Collections of worldly Fragrances.